Skin Mole Removal

What Are Skin Moles?

A skin mole is a spot on the skin that is generally round or oval in shape. The skin mole can be of any size small or large, and it may have color like pink, brown, red or black. The single skin mole is referred to as nevus in medical terms. When one is discussing moles in the plural form, they are called nevi. Virtually everyone has at least a few moles. Statistically one can find between 10-50 moles on their body. The skin mole can occur on any part of the body.

We are all born with all the moles that we will ever have. Many of them invisible at birth will begin to appear as one ages. A skin mole is caused by a collection of cells named melanocytes. These are present all over the skin and are a part of skin pigmentation. When melanocytes occur to accumulate in cluster formations they result in the eventual appearance of a skin mole.

Skin Mole Removal

A skin mole can be flat or raised. Some will sprout a few hairs, which is quite normal. Fortunately moles can be removed by various skin mole removal methods. Since the skin mole is so common, people do not have one removed unless the mole becomes quite large. A skin mole can be removed using various different methods, depending on the size of the mole it may result in some scarring.

Common methods of skin mole removal is surgery, either standard or laser, and through depositing acid on the mole to burn away the tissue.

Possible Side Effects Of Surgery

In a surgical process of skin mole removal, a mole is removed by extracting it manually by the surgeon. That particular area is first treated with anesthesia so that the person cannot feel anything and then the surgery is done however as the effect of anesthesia decreases the pain associated with surgery becomes prominent.

Dermatend Skin Tag Removal   surgery 1 Skin Mole Removal
Dermatend Skin Tag Removal   surgery 2 Skin Mole Removal
Dermatend Skin Tag Removal   surgery 3 Skin Mole Removal
Dermatend Skin Tag Removal   surgery 4 Skin Mole Removal

As you can see in the above /images that surgical process is something which can leave scar on your skin permanently and also not all types of moles can be removed by this method. Infection is the worst case if wound is not properly taken care of. Skin mole removal through surgery should be avoided since it can leave scar on your skin which no one wants to have on there skin, since it can affect your appearance.

Now a days people are trying to go for natural method for skin mole removal since it does not require surgery so it is less expensive and does not require special care after treatment, hence less possibility of infection.

DermaTend® A Natural Solution For Skin Mole Removal: Dermatend Skin Tag Removal   advanced Skin Mole Removal

DermaTend® is a revolutionary herbal cream used for treatment of mole and skin tags. DermaTend® is made of herbal ingredients found in nature free from any harmful chemicals, which can produce side effects or allergic effects. Skin mole removal is very easy with DermaTend® and can be done by your self. For skin mole removal just apply the cream on the mole and cover it with a bandage. A scalp will form in just 1-2 days. Let it fall by itself, do not remove it prematurely. And after that a fresh new healthy skin will appear. This product can be used to remove moles from any part of your skin even on the face. It is absolutely safe and does not produce any side effects.

DermaTend® is 100% guaranteed skin mole removal cream. It gives permanent positive results in just 3 days.