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Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   Bryan 1 Real User Results

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Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   Bryan 2 Real User Results

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Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   dermatend raymond before Real User Results

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Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   dermatend raymond after Real User Results

After Dermatend

"Some time ago I purchased your product with the hope that it may change my life. I had a big mole on my face which I lived with for over 40 years. Just as you promised it is now gone. People don't stare at me anymore, and I get a smile now and again. Thank you very much. If you have anyone in doubt about your product I would be pleased to reassure them that it does work, and it is a gift for people who suffer from moles. Thanks again" Raymond S.

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Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   malleena2 Real User Results

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"I used Dermatend with high hopes in removing my mole like they promised. With a full refund guaranteed if it didn't work, I decided to try it. My mole above my eye fell off after the 3rd application. I couldn't believe it and I can't thank you enough DermaTend, you saved me a lot of money and I feel better about the way I look. Malleena M. London, UK

Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   dermatend effi before Real User Results

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Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   dermatend effi after Real User Results

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"I just wanted to say that DermaTend® has completely change my life! this product might of taken a few more applications to form a scab and completely fall off. At first I was a little skeptical if this was really going to work but at the end it did! I'm soo happy! Now I can put my hair up in a pony tail without feeling embarrassed that people will look at my mole! Thank You So much! I recommend this product to everyone who is thinking about mole removing... it really makes a difference in your life!!..." Effie

Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   dermatend ramona before Real User Results

Before Dermatend

Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   dermatend ramona after Real User Results

After Dermatend

"I had a group of 4 moles on my neck on which you could pretty much play connect the dots! Visually, they didn't really bother me too much though I did hope they did not turn into big hairy moles later on! What DID bother me was that I would sometimes scratch them on accident or rub my hair brush over them which hurt! I decided to remove my top two of the moles to start off with and see how DermaTend® would work for me. I did them both at the same time. One mole scabbed overnight, and the scab came off 3 days later! The second mole took two applications to scab and came off a week and a half later. I have only a very small mark left where the moles were! I have to admit I accidentally knocked the scab off early when drying my hair BUT even so, it healed wonderfully and I am very happy with it. I will be removing the other two moles and will try and get some good before and after photos as looking though the photo testimonials on your website helped me make the decision to give your product a try. Thank you very much for a great product and wonderful customer service answering all of my questions!" Gloria C, Australia

Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   dermatend ramona stage1 Real User Results

Before Dermatend

Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   dermatend ramona stage2 Real User Results

Dermatend Working

Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   dermatend ramona stage3 Real User Results

The Scab

Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   dermatend ramona stage4 Real User Results

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Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   dermatend girl before Real User Results

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Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   dermatend girl after Real User Results

After Dermatend

"I used to have four big moles in my face that made me feel very insecure throughout my whole life. When I first heard about Dermatend I didn’t believe I would work as I’ve already tried hundreds of expensive creams which didn’t show any results. But two of my moles already disappeared after the 1st application and the other two were also gone after some more tries! I was completely thrilled that a relatively cheap product was able to remove the blemishes in such a short time without leaving any scars or stains. I know this may sound crazy, but Dermatend has changed my life as it helped me gain more self-esteem. Thank you!"  Theresa

Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   dermatend beth before Real User Results

Before Dermatend

Dermatend Mole and Skin Tag Removal   dermatend beth after Real User Results

After Dermatend

"My mother, Betty Joan Grove, purchased your product for me. I had two very noticeable moles on my chin - complete with hair occasionally growing from them. I was happy to try Dermatend. With the first application, I noticed the tingling and scabbing mentioned in your instructions. Once the scabs came off, I reapplied since the moles were still raised. I never again felt the tingling, but the moles got smaller. After the third application, they are almost flat - and I am very happy! I also used Dermatend on a much flatter mole on my cheek, but I didn't take pictures of it. After only one use I can't even tell where it used to be. I will certainly recommend Dermatend to others.
Thank you," -Beth Grove

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The following customers unfortunately did not take before and after photos. We thought you would still enjoy reading their stories so have chosen to include them as well.

"I have been looking for products for many months that will remove moles but I found it not so long ago in Summer 2007. Its called DermaTend®! After 6 days, the mole became so dried up it fell off when I showered. I was like 'WOW' Amazing! The one mole that lowered my self-esteem is now gone forever! The one mole that would make me feel self-hatred is now permanently vanished! I would be so embarrassed of the mole that I will try to cover it with a tiny square bandage. People would tell me 'its not ugly, its just a mole' but that's not the way I thought about it. I would think that people would stare at me and stare at my mole, it made me feel depressed and stressed out, but now, I feel like a new person! My self-esteem has boosted up! And I know if you suffer with moles and you think this doesn't work, your probably not doing it right, follow the directions CAREFULLY and I assure you it will work. I use to be a non-believer in DermaTend®, but now I am a BELIEVER! It really works and I promise you it will work for anyone! Thank You So Much You have changed my life!" -Israel Ochoa

"I have had a cluster of about 5 moles on the side of my face for about 20 years. Over the years I have asked no fewer than 4 dermatologists if they could remove them and the answer was always the same. "Not without leaving scars that are worse than the moles." My current dermatologist simply refuses to touch them, even though I have asked her every single time I've been in her office. I HATE these moles and thought I was cursed with them for the rest of my life. I found your site a few weeks ago when I was googleing "mole removal." I am generally a believer that herbal remedies work as well or often better than conventional medical treatments, so it took about 10 minutes of reading your site to convince me to try it. Your guarantee made it a no-brainer. Well, even my greatest expectations were surpassed when I tried DermaTend® on my second largest facial mole first (I'm taking them off one at at time.) Not only did that one scab over in 2 days, but so did three tiny ones near it that I didn't even know were there! Unbelievable!!! More unbelievable is that the scab fell off over the weekend and the moles are completely GONE. I have a tiny pink dot where the largest mole was, and that's amazing considering the scab fell off only two days ago. The skin is perfect and the little dot is getting smaller and fading quickly. I can tell that I will not even have a mark there in a few days. I started treating the largest and most hated mole on Saturday and its already scabbed over and well on its way to being gone. I can't believe it. I've lived with and hated these things for so long and it's surreal to see them vanish. I can't thank you enough for selling this incredible product. I just can't get over the fact that my Harvard-trained dermatologist cannot remove moles without leaving nasty scars, yet this little herbal product can. It's fabulous. THANK YOU!!!" Lisa H.

"I bought DermaTend® and quite honestly was very skeptical of homeopathic cures and of your product. However I had skin tags and what may or may not have been HPV. Regardless I used your product and it scared me a little as there is scabbing but unbelievably it works! Its also important to use antibiotic treatment afterwards as it heals faster and the tags or warts are gone. Quite honestly, thank you for your natural product and I found it through searching the web. In the words of the Monkees "I'm a believer" and if you have any doubt I'm just a normal guy who found a product, took a chance ordering over the web and it worked. FYI I called your offices too to ask if the product was supposed to be brown and how it worked and you guys were very pleasant! Thanks again!" Gary

"I just want to tell you at how shocked I am that it actually worked. Last week I scrubbed the two moles on my stomach with a pumas stone, and then put the DermaTend® on it...the next day it had flatted and scabbed over! It was so crazy. I keep putting band-aids on it and yesterday when I came out of the pool...there was nothing there. I am waiting for it to finish healing over. But I just sent the rest of it to my sister who has raised moles on her body as well. And to think I was going to get them lasered off. Really if you need me to recommend this product I will in a heartbeat." Jordan S.

"I recently purchased DermaTend® from your company. I have to admit, I was skeptical, but after the plastic surgeon told me that it would cost $1500 to remove 2 small moles (one on my cheek, the other on my nose). I was willing to try your product. I followed the simple instructions, and after just 2 weeks, the mole on my left cheek is gone and is completely healed. I applied DermaTend® to the one on my nose, and so far it has worked perfectly! I am truly grateful to your company and the product that you provide. I would recommend it to anyone!!! As a matter of fact, I already have! Thank you so much! " M. Meikel

"Dear DermaTend®: I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your product. I suddenly woke up one day with a HUGE mole about an inch below my left eye. I was horrified, it was hideous! I consulted my Dermatologist who offered to numb it, cut it off and leave a huge scar. I talked to people who did laser removal, they too said there would be a bright, white scar. I even talked to a plastic surgeon, he said he could remove it, but there would still be a scar and it would cost me $400 (at least). So, when I ordered your product, I was less than hopeful since the news was so bad from all the medical personnel I had consulted. Miraculously, after about 4 weeks of applications (as I said, it was a huge mole) it was completely gone and there was NO SCAR. I can't tell you how much this means to me, I mean who wants a huge scar on their face? Anyway, I am most grateful for your product and if you wish to use my letter for a testimonial please feel free." A most grateful consumer, Karen S.

"Like most people I am very skeptical, unless a product is referred by a friend who has used it before, I will be more apt to give it a try, well, DermaTend® wasn't, I was just surfing on the web and came across it, and I gave it a shot anyway. I mean how bad could it be, if they guarantee it 100% and with that, if it turned out to be false, I could get my money back or sue, if they were crooks. Well neither turned out to be the case. I don't usually do the testimonial thing, I figured people are paid to do these things. Hey, I told you I'm a skeptic. Anyway, I tried it, nothing happened, I was tempted to get my money back, but instead I sent an email and told them that I was impatient but I just wasn't seeing any results. I got a return email telling me what I was doing wrong and to try it another way, I did, I gave it one last shot, because in the back of my head I kept saying why would they guarantee it if it really didn't work. Well I am here to tell you that after about 3-4 days, I was riding along and I felt something fall, I looked around but I didn't know what it was, then I adjusted the rearview mirror, as I often do anyway, because I'm kind of vain, I can admit it, and low and behold it hit me just like that the skin tag which had been a part of my neck for as long as I can remember had fallen off. It was about the size of a watermelon seed and it would just hang there, often getting in the way of my pretty necklaces I would put on, and it would be a fascination to babies especially to reach for and pull, but not anymore. It is gone, but since then I have put the paste on different other skin tags on my body that are not noticeable under my clothes. I will admit when you are all bandaged up from band aids it kind of feel like a game of tic-tac-toe on the body, but it is worth it when you see how wonderful it is to have them gone. Just thought I would pass this on to other skeptics such as myself. Try DermaTend®, what do you have to lose? By the way they should change the name to DermaMend, because that is exactly what it has done. Thanks" Lynnette

It showed up early this week. And wow this stuff works great. I got 1 tag removed already. Stuff is magic.. Brad

"I am thrilled with DermaTend®! It DOES work. I was skeptical, but I have removed four moles from my face and it works. Actually, one was not a mole, it was a scar left from when I had a mole cauterized thirty years ago, I put DermaTend® on the scar and it has vanished. I am so pleased and amazed. Thank you very much." Mary S.

"I can see that the mole is almost ready to fall off. I'm so glad.. and thank you guys for the help.....this product pretty much will change my life since my mole is right in the middle of my right cheek and I can tell that people stare but not in a couple days. They'll just be staring at my face this time... Thanks again--Jon N.

"I had a constellation like grouping of moles on my chest and stomach for most of my life. When I put on a bathing suit I am always embarrassed. After using DermaTend® my skin is clear. I got rid of all my moles over the winter. I am so happy with your product. Keep up the good work." Sue B.

"I would like to thank you for your excellent service and genius cure! I used your product last year with amazing results. I had always scarred when using our local doctor and was amazed to find no scarring with this product." Best regards, Miss LL Stevens

"I've had a mole under my right nostril since I was seven and it has only gotten bigger over the years. It has been hell growing up with it, having your friends call you "booger face" because of its location. It had gotten so bad that I had attempted to cut it off twice when I started high school because I couldn't stand the teasing and both times it grew back. Needless to say, I just left it alone. Even in my adult years, I find it difficult to bear when people constantly ask me, "What is that?" or "You have something on your face, do you need a tissue?" Talk about embarrassing! So I did my research and came up with the only solution I THOUGHT I had, which was laser surgery. I didn't like the fact that it cost hundreds of dollars and that scarring may be a result. So I did more research and came across someone giving the rundown on three options; regular surgery, laser surgery and DermaTend®. I skipped over all of the options and came straight to the site for DermaTend® where I spent the entire day reading testimonials and how it worked. Like every other skeptical person, I thought it was one of those things that was a scam and probably didn't even work but as I read and heard people's stories, the more they started to sound like everyday people and not people paid to say nice things about someone's product. I bought it and as soon as it came in the mail, I couldn't try it out fast enough. I scratched and yes it did burn but I felt happy knowing that it was working. Being pessimistic, after hearing how everyone else's mole or skin tag scabbed the very next day, I thought mine would take longer but in 24hrs it was a scab! And three days later (today) the scab came off while I was changing the band aid. I am still waiting for it to heal but I am letting you know that I am a VERY satisfied customer and I am sorry for ever doubting you and thank you for ridding me of that mole that caused me embarrassment and grief throughout my entire childhood. Thank you DermaTend®! Now I have my boyfriend using it on a skin tag under his arm and I just know it will work for him too. Thanks again!!!" Kadija K.

"I was reluctant to believe this product would actually work but did not want to spend $200 on another skin tag removal. I have removed 4 medium sized skin tags on my body. The one I was most concerned about because the dermatologist had said would be "tricky" since it was in a "sensitive" spot on my chest was not fun but was quite effective (better than what he wanted to do!!). I have also removed two small bumps from my face without any problems and no obvious remainder. I have gotten more than my money's worth and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this product. I had thought it was pricey but for these results, I would pay it again! Thank you!"S. Godfrey

"I wasn't sure about this at first but I had so many skin tags and a couple of moles especially around my waist where the band is so I used the DermaTend®.It was great no pain and gone within 3-4 days I still have more skin tags and I am going to use it on them now that I know it works great I would really recommend this product without hesitation. Thanks"Polly

"I loved this product so much. It really did what it was supposed to do, no doubt about it! It was a little nerve racking at first, but it always is when your trying out new stuff. I used it to remove some moles in sensitive areas including my face and genital area and it worked without a hitch. The one on my face is still a little bit red but its still been too short of time to tell if it will stay like that, and it is fading away each day that goes by. Thank u so much for offering this great product it has brought back confidence in view of my person even if no one else ever even notices anything different. I have a couple more small moles to remove but now I am a believer of how a natural product can make life better for everyone, that is if your brave enough just to take the chance and see what a change it can make for you! Sorry I do not have a picture for your records if anything else pops up I'll be sure to photo document it for your future customers... Sincerely your happy customer: Crazie Kev!

"Having tried other products before without success, I decided to give DermaTend® a try on several moles that I had had for well over 20 or more years. After carefully reading the directions, I decided to try the product on two prominent raised moles on my face. Amazingly, the results I obtained were staggering. Both moles came off within a week and the area now looks as if nothing had been there to begin with. There was absolutely no scarring. I was amazed. I then tried DermaTend® on several other moles on my shoulder, my arm, and my leg... and within a week, they were gone too. This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone who is plagued with moles. I only wish I had tried it sooner instead of suffering from having these things all these years.."Sandy N.

"Hey guys! Never have I come across a company that is so helpful, professional, and willing to be of assistance. You guys answered every time I had a question and kept me up to date, even until the last second. It was really just such a wonderful experience. My moles have been bothering me for the past 20+ years, never having the guts to take my shirt of even though all my friends could run around in the summer sun when I had to sit there either looking stupid with my shirt on, or swimming with my shirt. It's not often you find a product that works 100% and more than as promised. I applied DermaTend® to all my moles, 51 of them to be exact. And not one has returned. I've been taking of my shirt without a worry and to be embarrassed about doing it. Really guys. You changed my life. And more than just for the better. I would never be able to thank you guys enough for making such a big improvement in my life. I really am living for the first time in life. Best Regards and all my love" Delano Els

"I have had a mole on the side of my nose for years. I was really afraid of buying a product over the internet and using it on my face, but I saw the picture of the woman with the mole on her nose before she used your product and then the picture of her after she used it and I decided I would give it a try. I used the DermaTend® as directed and I was totally amazed at how fast it worked. My mole is completely gone and NO scarring! I will say that I am more than happy with my results! I had enough DermaTend® left to remove other smaller moles on my neck and a couple of skin tags I had on my abdomen. Every mole came off and you would never know that they had ever been there. It is truly amazing!"Jennifer M.

"This product has eliminated my unsightly moles and made me a more confident individual. I can now take my shirt off without worry or embarrassment. Thank you DermaTend®!" Joshua A.

"Very easy to use. I had a mole develop on my shoulder and my shirt was rubbing against it and irritating the mole. I applied DermaTend® 2-3 times until the scab formed. Within a week the mole was gone. Very small scar was left after the mole came off, but I can barely notice it. This product definitely works." Todd

"I know that I am leery about buying products on line without truly having knowing others that purchased it or seen the product before. But this truly works A little time and patients and smiles will reward you at the end , Thank you very much" C. Palmer

"Product works. I have removed nine small moles. I removed the moles from my neck, face, stomach, and leg. The moles took about 1-2 days to scab, and about 5-7 days to fall off. Scarring was minimal." Audrey H.

"Worked just as directed for me. Plus, the small tube that was only supposed to have enough compound to remove 4 moles, to date has removed 5 moles with plenty of product left over to remove a few more."Andrew M.

"The product did exactly what was promised. Thanks!" Dewey C.

"It really works, wonderful... I had a mole as big as a cherry fruit right under my chin. For nearly 4 years I am suffering from the ugly look of it (too scared to have a minor operation to remove it). Fortunately, after applying DermaTend®, in less than a month, its gone. Thanks a great deal to DermaTend®. I strongly recommended to use it to remove moles even if its around your face." Zahari Ali , Malaysia