Facial Mole Removal

What Are Facial Moles?

Moles are generally known by dark spots or irregularities found in the skin. They are found in different shapes & sizes. Moles can appear anywhere on the skin, from facial area to toe, as well as arms and chest areas, in groups or alone. They can be present by birth or can begin to appear over time during a life time. Some moles go unnoticed and some like facial moles "beauty marks" are actually considered attractive. However moles are annoying to some people and can even become dangerous health risks. Mole removal whether by laser or other surgery provides a solution to people wanting to improve their appearance by facial mole removal or other skin mole removal and reduce associated health risks.

Issues With Surgery:

With the ever increasing popularity of various cosmetic surgery procedures, like mole removal, it is very important that the patient should research and understand different issues like what the particular procedure can and cannot treat, inherent risks, costs and other factors. Keep in mind that cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure whose results cannot simply be erased. When considering cosmetic procedure for facial mole removal we recommend that you consult a qualified doctor or specialist with significant experience in this field.

Mole Removal Introduction

Moles, or nevi, are generally removed for various reasons. They can be removed by 2 surgical methods:

  • Excision (cutting) with stitches
  • Excision with cauterization

Although laser has been tried for moles it is usually not preferred for deep moles because the laser light cannot penetrate deeply enough. Typically the doctor or dermatologist (a skin specialist) may choose excision with or without stitches depending on the depth of the mole and the type of cosmetic outcome desired.

The most common side effect of mole removal is a scar. Many people will attempt to remove moles for cosmetic reasons, not realizing that each and every removal of mole may produce a scar. Many times your surgeon can give you an idea of the type and location of a scar after mole removal before you make your decision about removal.

Reasons For Facial Mole Removal:

Mole removal is usually not necessary unless it is a facial mole which can look ugly. A stable, unchanging mole can be left alone, although it should be checked sporadically for changes. There are basically three main reasons why facial mole removal may be needed by someone:

  • Presence of mole makes the person self-conscious especially if it is on face. A big mole on the face can be distressing. Multiple moles or prominent ones elsewhere on the body, can make a person feel unattractive.
  • The mole is in a place where it's easily irritated like a man having a facial mole that constantly gets cut when he shaves will probably opt for facial mole removal.

The mole looks like it could be cancerous. Melanoma, a very serious type of skin cancer which can develop within a mole. Various other types of skin cancer can also look like moles. Any new growth in an adult, any mole that has changed in appearance, or any irregular or multicolored mole should be evaluated by a doctor.

DermaTend® A Natural Solution For Facial Mole Removal:

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